Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
PAP Productions   Youngstown
PP-1139   Jon Washington "You'll Be My Baby Again/ Sugarshine Lady"   

Papa Lou   Cincinnati   
904    Funky Tong "Wag Your Tail/ Sweet Creamy Dream"   1993   

Paper Bag   Cincinnati
706009    Gerald Brown "Heartbreaker/ Please Somebody"   1987   QCA-706009

Paradrome   Dayton
PRM-92913   Droopy "Delayed Familiar Situation/ The Thing That You Do"   1973
no #   Vivian Walton "Unite Americans/ Dayton The City Beautiful"   1973

P.C.G.   Cincinnati   
740213   God's Earth With Love "God Is There/ He Didn't Have To Do It"   1974

P.D.J.S.   Cleveland   
P-7926   The Defaulters feat. Charles Hancock "Gentle Man/ Disco Dennis"   1979

Peace   Cleveland    
P-7162   Love Generation "Love's Stronger Than Hate/ Evil Woman"   1971
304334   Wayne Spence & Smilin Faces "Thank God For Peace/ Love's Stronger Than Hate"

Peltro   Cleveland    
J-7608   Dewey Jeffries "Why Do You Do What You Do/ You Brought About A Change"   1976

Peppermint   Youngstown   (only soul releases)    1. 2.
PP-1035   Alias Funk & Soul "Well Good/ Bells"   1973   QCA-308514   (Akron band)
PP-1036   The New Affair "Someone Somewhere/ Rama Lama Ding Dong"
PP-1080   New Hope Baptist Combined Choirs "I Thank You Lord/ In My Heart"   1975   (gospel)
PP-1158   The Royal Angelettes "Do Lord/ Thank You Lord"   1978   (gospel)   QCA-808114
PP-1174   Spiritual-Lites "Higher In Jesus/ Trials And Tribulations"   (gospel)
PP-1184   Kim McRae "Like Some Child's Game/ I'm Feeling It Too"   R-790633

Philmore Sound   Cincinnati / Hamilton    1. 2.
30135/ 6   Bootsy Phelps and the Complete Strangers "Fun In Your Thang/ Pt. 2"   1972   R-30135/ 6
30219/ 29   Movin' Soothin' & Stone Funk Band "That's The Way Love Is/ Try A Little Tenderness"   R-30219
30953/ 4   Joy Incorporated "Crying For Your Love/ Dealin' With A Feelin"   1973   R-30953/ 4
30953/ 4   Movin' Soothin' & Stone Funk Band "Cryin' For Your Love/ Dealin' With a Feelin"   1973   R-30953/ 4
740536   Bootsy Phelps and Gary "Together In Heaven/ Pt. 2"    1974
607121   Melvin Brown & James Matthews "Love Stormy Weather/ Soul Man"   1976   QCA-607121
800130   Movin, Melvin Brown "I Know/ I Was A Fool To Care"    1980

Pilot Master   Cincinnati     (only soul releases)   
4112-17   Dolly Gilmore "It's Not Just Me/ The Man Of My Life"   1974   QCA-411217   (Florida artist)
4121-12   Yvette Morris "I Love You For/ This Is My Desire"   1974   QCA-412112
6071-32   Jetton and Prinz "Judge And Jury/ High Class Woman"   1976   QCA-607132
6084-16   Double Trouble "To Live Is To Love/ Passionate Affection"   1976   QCA-608416
7033-16   Starwind "I Can't Stand To See You Cry/ Dreams"   1977   QCA-703316
8084-41   Rocky Williams "Beyond The Hurt/ No Ways Tired"   1978   QCA-808441
811038   Timothy Craig "Love Letters To A Fool/ Baby, It's All Up To You"   1978   QCA-811038

Pisces   Cleveland    1. 2.
3840   The Ba-Roz "Come Back Boy/The Last Time Cause I've Got Myself Together"    1971    (some copies as The Ra-Boz)
P-104   The Ba-Roz "Mocking Bird/ Inst."   1972

PM Arts   Columbus    
001   Roger Parish "(You Know) Who Loves You The Most/ Inst.   1985   QCA-506015

Poor Boy   Canton   
602026   Magic Revue "Feel Good/ Over The Rainbow"   1986

Pork   Dayton    1. 2.
750551   Shotgun and the Dynamitos "When Your Love Says Goodbye/ Don't Put Off Today For Tomorrow"
BW-6   Bleu Wyzard "Funky Something/ Hanging On"   1976
2106   Swithold "Slowburn/ Waitin' For You"
2210   Young Mods "To Say I Love Her/ We Can Make It"   1976
2987/ 8   Powerhouse "Step Into My Life/ Chicken Lips"
122076   Black Buddah "Baby Oh Baby/ I Wish That You Were Here"
CCR-52383   Pleasure Seekers "Give Up The Funk/ Fantaship"   1977
111278   The Moroccos "Love, Trust And Understanding/ Pressure"
780909   Vondal Moore "What's The Matter Baby/ I Knew Her When"
102682   Reflections "Flaunt What You Got/ You And I Forever"

P.P.   Cleveland   
8218   Flash "Lay U Down/ Queen Of Swing"   1982

Preston   Cincinnati    
no #   Albert Washington "You're Messing Up My Mind/ Do You Really Love Me"
901014   Albert Washington & the Astros "God Is Good To Me/ God Hear My Prayer"
606086    Deborah Washington & the Astros "The Bass Player Add 2/ Darling"   1986   (B-side by Albert Washington)
609035   Deborah Washington "Shortest Lady/ Thanking About You"   1986   QCA-609035

Prime   Cincinnati   
1157   Beau Dollar & the Coins "Any Day Now/ Soul Serenade"   (also on Fraternity 960)
1159   The Shirtails "The Ceiling/ Stay Away From The Fog"
2716   The Accents "One Summer Day/ Am I Wasting My Time"
2717   David Thomas "I'll Always Need You (By My Side)/ I'm A Lonely Man"

Prism   Dayton   (only soul releases)    1. 2.
PR-1920   Pepi "Hypnotized/ Don't Leave Me"
PR-1922   Paulette & the Cupids "Teenage Dropout/ He'll Wait On Me"   1965
PR-1929   The Dupray's "You Make Me/ The Frog"
PR-1931   The Chante's "My Only Love/ I've Got A New Love"
PR-1941   The Decrescendo's "One Of A Crowd/ Water Of Love"
PR-1948   Soul Impromptu "Somethin You Got/ Ain't That Peculiar"
2000   The Bronzemen "How Many/ Brush It"
3000   The Incrowd "Keep It/ Set Me Free"

Prix   Columbus    1. 2. 3. 4.
HSI-6901   The Royal Esquires "Ain't Gonna Run/ Our Love Used To Be (On The Sunny Side Up)"   1969
HSI-6902   Soul Ensemble "Melon Jelly/ Move Out"   1969   M
HIS-6903   Chorale Congo LP   1969
HSI-6904   Orchestra Kin Bantou "Soyez Reconnainenoir/ Naleli Eve Elvire"   1969   M
HSI-7001   Eddie Ray "You Got Me/ Glad I Found You"   1970   M
HSI-7001   Eddie Ray "You Got Me/ Glad I Found You"   1970   (no address on label--alternate mix)
HSI-7002   Joe King "Speak On Up/ What's Wrong"   1970
HSI-7101   Eddie Ray "I Stand Accused/ Pt. 2"   1971   R-27528
HSI-7102   Marion Black "I'm Gonna Get Loaded/ You're Not Alone"   1971
HSI-7201   Marion Black "Listen Black Brother/ Pt. 2"   1972   ARC pressing
HSI-7202   Chip Willis & the Double Exposure "I'm Gonna Gitcha/ Pt. 2"   1972
HSI-7301   OFS Unlimited "Mister Kidneys/ Mystic"   1973   ARC pressing
HSI-7302   Marion Black "(More Love) Is All We Need/ Inst."   1973
HSI-7303   Mitch Mitchell-Gene King "Never Walk Out On You/ Inst."   1973

Progressive Sound Production   ?   
33783/ 4   C.L. Thornton "Take My Hand/ Root Worker"   1976   R-33783/ 4

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