Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus

M In The Street   Cincinnati   
1   Albert Washington "Loosen These Pains And Let Me Go/ Go On And Help Yourself"
P-1114   Albert Washington "Having A Good Time/ Crazy Legs"
21114   Albert Washington & the Astros "Having A Good Time/ He's Got The Whole World (In His Hands)"
553-20   Albert Washington "Ninety-Nine Pair Shoes/ What A Beautiful Day"

Maggio   Cleveland   
GT-375   Bill Jacocks "You Are The One/ Fickle Finger"   1979

Magical Music Productions   Cincinnati   
6015-17    Galactic Manifestation "Space Fantasy/ One For One"   1976   QCA-601517

Magna   Columbus   (only soul releases)
402-47   Bates Boys + 1 "I Don't Care/ Monkey Shines"   1967

Magnetic   Columbus    
91152   Bishop & the Wallace Brothers "I Might Give Out But I Won't Give Up/ Sad Man"   1969   QCA-91152
0647   Gospel Chantes "Come On People - Morning Train/ Someday I'll Overcome - O Peter"   1970   (gospel)

Mama   Cleveland    
1/ 2   Ike Perry & his Lyrics "My Honey Sweet Pea/ In My Letter To You"
859M-3614   Ike Perry & his Lyrics "Don't Let It Get You Down/ At The Party"   (also on Courier 3614)

Mandingo   Toledo
MP-1   Four Tracks "Voo Doo Man (You're Gonna Love Me)/ Like My Love For You"

Mantra   Cincinnati    
2477   Pure Essence "Wake Up/ Pt. 2"

Maroon   Cincinnati    
1001   Harry Tyus "I See His Shadow Every Night/ Miss Illusion"   1985   QCA-506023

Marylin   Cincinnati    
1000   Grady Murray Jr. "You Got To Lose/ The Last Thing I Do"
1001   Grady Murray Jr. & the Dytalians "You Got What I Need/ Pt. 2"
780630   Bonewood "Energize, Bust Down The Door/ Pt. 2"    1978

Maximusic   Cleveland   
M-7606   Roosevelt Blackman "I Want To Be The One/ Sad Man's Blues"   1976

Meco   Cincinnati    
5121-25    Gwen Conley "You'll Never Know/Where Am I Going"   1975   QCA-512125

Metro   Dayton    
M-1000   The Solicitors "Music For The Brothers/ Get With It"

Metro   Cleveland    
no #   Metronomes "Got To Get You Started/ Sailing Away"   

MGR   Akron   
no #   Merger "I Wanna Be Your Man/ You Pick Me Up"   1983

Miystic Insight   Cleveland    
1200   Sonny Lovall "Ghetto Boy/ Pt. 2"
1101   True Movement "What A Lovely Way To Meet/ Depression"   1974
17265/ 6   Avatarr "So Glad I Found You/ Depression"   1982
17267   Maniac "Take It To The Woof/ Inst."   1983

MJW   Columbus   
1001   La'Fez "No Matter/ I Need You So"
1002   La'Fez "This Is The Way I Am/ Eulogy To A Man's Best Friend"   1972   R-30477

Mo Soul   Columbus    
111123   Suspicious Can Openers "Fever In Your Hot Pants/ Tuesday In The Rain"   1971   QCA-111123
481-28   Vikki Kenyatta w/ Linda Davis "Tuesday In The Rain/ Inst."   (B-side by the Mo-Soul Band)   1974   QCA-48128

M-Pire   Warren   
TSR-1001   Mojo "Watch Me Now!/Watch Me Now! (The Voodoo Mix)"   1988

Muscle   Cleveland    
5002   Sid Herring "Feelin' In Love/ Do It In The Name Of Love"
5004   Philip Paul and Patrol "Last Stand For Love/ It's You"   1980
5005   Sid Herring "You Are My Fantasy/ Same"   1981
5006   Betsy Hide "Everyday/ We Got Lucky, We Got Love"   1981   (not soul)
5007   Sweet Charles "If I Only Had A Minute/ Things You Do For Love"   1981   (Nashville artist)

Mus-I-Col   Columbus   (only soul releases)    1. 2. 3.
1149   J.H. & the Esquires "Comin' On Strong/ Stay By Me"   M
1253   Gerry Wolf Quintet "Wife Thoughts/ What Happens To A Wife"   (jazz)   M
HR-1326   Steve Fisher-Mark Hittner "Spooky/ Summertime"   M
1411/ 12   Chris Columbus & the Swingin' Gaites "Do You Remember/ Tighten Up 70"   (A-side by Lawanda Braggs)   M
1923/ 4   Act III "Smokin'/ Be Happy"   (no label name shown)    M
101781/ 2   The Soul Superbs "Just Ask Me/ Cannibals"   M
101911/ 2   Jody & The Individuals "Soul Streak/ Hooked"   M
103425/ 6    Mifflin Ensemble "The M.E. Experience/ If Ever There's A Time"      M
103437/ 8    Franklin Alternative Middle School Jazz Octet "Listen To The Word/ We Shall Overcome"      M
103443/ 4    The Gospel Truth "He Can Do It/ You Are Always There"   (gospel)   M
103591/ 2    Mifflin Ensemble "On The Move/ Flight"   1982   M
104165/ 6    Keith Staten "Don't Tell Me That/ Break Your Body"   (no label name shown)    M
acetate   Seable Parish "Thank You/ Going Out On The Town"

Music Flow   Cleveland    1. 2.
DH-1952   Ricky Hodges "Deep/ Inst."
577842   Ricky Hodges "Return Your Love To Me/ Smoking Rhythm"   1972   (B-side by Ricky Hodges Rhythmeres)
R-7605   Ricke "Love In It's Making/ Someday We'll Be Together"   1975
R-7604/ 5   Rhkie VII "Love In It's Making/ Some Day"   1976

Mutual Group   Cincinnati
907040   Sticks and Shorty "Your Love Is Sweet/ Sticks And Shorty"   1979   QCA-907040

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