Ohio artists on non-Ohio and national labels

* QCA = Queen City Audio pressing, Cincinnati | * R = Rite Records pressing, Cincinnati | *M = Mus-I-Col pressing, Columbus
Dana   Cleveland    
ER-00121/ 131   Solaris "A Case Of The Boogie/ You And Me"   1980
3035/ 6   Betty J. White "This Moment With You/ You’re Someone Special"   1980
1415/ 6   Solaris "Before The Dawn/ Right In The Middle Of Falling In Love"   
D-1220   Solaris "Space Invaders/ I Tried"   
D-1221   Bell & Maxwell "Take It To The Roof/ Why Did Love Change"   1982

Dana   Cincinnati   
001   Tom Dooley "Bring It On Home/ Have A Happy, Happy Time"   1967   R-18296
010   Tom Dooley with Beau Dollar & the Coins "Talkin' About Love/ Stay By The Phone"   

Dandit Production Co.   Cincinnati    
6084-29   Infinity "Cincinnati Pt. 1/ Children It's Your Trip"   1976   QCA-608429

Dare Mee   Steubenville   
603065    Jham "Hold Me/ Show Down"   1986

Dark Star   Dayton    
no #   Bobby Wilson "Honesty (Is The Best Part)/ I'll Always Love You"   1983   QCA-301062

Dawn-Lite   Columbus    
102999/ 103000   Timeless Legend "Everybody Disco/ Pt. 2"   1979   M
012005   Timeless Legend "I Was Born To Love You/ Inst."   1980   QCA-012005

Da-Wood   Cleveland    
DW-7200   Harvey & the Phenomenals "Soul And Sunshine/ What Can I Do To Prove My Love Is Real"   1972

Day-Wood   Cleveland    1. 2. 3.
DW-6901   Imperial Wonders "Just A Dream/ Zip-A-Doe-Do-Dah"   1969
701   7 Nombres "Listen People/ Full Of Love"   1970
7105   Imperial Wonders "That's Alright/ Zip-A-Doe-Do"   1971
706   Imperial Wonders "Mean Ol' Miss Treater/ Pt. 2"   
101   Jan Jones "Independent Woman/ Pt. 2"   1980

DCK   Cincinnati    
503010   The Stewarts "Dance And Finger Pop/ Do It Baby Wrock"   1985
0001   The Stewarts "Family Affair/ Family Affair (Long Version)"   1988

Debra   Cleveland    
63   Cleveland Robinson "These Are The Hands/ Come Change Your Name To Mine"   1963   R-10209

DeBrossard   Cleveland    1. 2.
5827   Ricky Hodges "Love In It's Making/ It Happened Too Fast"
5829   George & the Highlanders "Hawk/ Smoking Bananas"
5831   The Ambassadors "Do You Ever Think About Me/ I Love You"
111   The Rotations "I Can't Find Her/ Searching In Vain"   1970   QCA-05102
111   The Clinton Logan Singers "Make It/ If I Perish"   (gospel)
20-71-5   7th House "Can't Believe You Are Mine/ Can You Find Your Way (Through A Changing World)"
71-5-20   4th Generation "Walking On A Cloud/ Take My Love"
5-20-71   The Praytells "The Magician/ Sandy"
no #   The Clark Singers "Oh Lord Have Mercy On Me/ Love Lifted Me"   (gospel)
8X142   Rev. E.E. Owens "He's My Lord/ Through The Years, I Keep Toiling"   (gospel)

Dee' Os   Cleveland    1. 2. 3.
DO-101   7th House "Can't Believe You Are Mine/ Can You Find Your Way (Through A Changing World)"   1971
D-7194   World War III "If The Bomb Falls (We're All Going Together)/ Pt. 2"   1971
D-7303   The Donations "I'm Going To Treat You Good/ Inst."   1973

Deep Groove   Dayton    
23931   Piney Brown "Everything But You/ (I'm Tired Of) Running"   1969   R-23931

Delcon   Cincinnati   
3000   Delbert & the Stewart Sensation "Stewart's Sensation/ How Far Can Our Love Go"

Del-Nita   Cleveland    1. 2.
60941   Faces In The Crowd "Clouds Of Doubt/ Lonely Beach"   (garage)
1002   The Night People "We Got It/ Erebian Borealis"   (garage)
1006   Chuck & the Tremblers "Dianna/ Stop Cheating Woman"   1968   QCA-80353
1011   Gene Allison "If Ever I Needed Your Love/ Why Do You Have To Go"   1969   QCA-90547
0982   The Elements "When I Fall In Love Again/ I'll Remember You"   1970   QCA-0982
01244   Inner Circles "Bravura/ Mirror Mirror"   1970   QCA-01244
102084   Ernest & D.L. Rocco "Moon Child/ Count Terry Devine"   1984
62687    T.H.B. Band "Nobody Wants You When You're Old And Grey/ In A Day Or Two"   1987

Deluxe   Cincinnati   (only Ohio artists)    
101   Marie "Queenie" Lyons "Drown In My Own Tears/ Try Me"   (Ashtabula artist)
103   Marie "Queenie" Lyons "Fever/ Your Key Don't Fit It Anymore"   
121   Bobby Wade "Four Walls And One Window/ Can't You Hear Me Calling"   (Cleveland artist)
123   Marie "Queenie" Lyons "Daddy's House/ See And Don't See"   
128   Bobby Wade "Blind Over You/ Funny How Time Slips Away"   
135   Albert Washington "Ain't It A Shame/ Somewhere Down The Line"   (Cincinnati artist)
141   Over Night Low "The Witch Doctor (Catches Jungle Fever)/ Rev. Jay"   1972   (Dayton group)

Denim   Cleveland   
DR-102   Sketches "I Dig The Girl/ Lies (That Momma Told Me)"   1977

Devaki   Cleveland    
DK-4001   Truth "Coming Home/ Touch Me"   1980
DK-4002   Truth "Understanding/ See You Later"   1980
DK-4003   Truth "It's Gonna Take A Miracle/ Same"   1980
DK-4005   Dunn and Bruce Street "If You Come With Me/ The Moment Of Truth"   1981
DK-4009   Dunn and Bruce Street "Shout For Joy/ Yearnin' And Burnin"   1982
1014   Dunn and Bruce Street "I Owe It To Me/ ???"

Disco   Columbus    
PLJ-01176   Joe King & Prophesy "Something To Remind You/ Let's Face It"   1976

D-JKN   Dayton    
JRC-8813   Piney Brown "Ain't It A Shame/ Two Lips In The Dark"   1988

Dolphin   Cleveland    
RGW-101   The Determinations "Love, Respect And Understanding/ Got To Get You Off My Mind"

Donnie   Lorain   (only soul releases)
D-702   Dave Charles "I Ain't Gonna Cry No More/ My Love"   1966

Down Town   Columbus    
104441/ 2   The Starr Band "Dirty Blue Jeans/ Rock The House"   1986   M

Dupree   Cleveland / Akron   (only soul releases)   
1355   J. McCants & the Harmonics "Summers Love (Falls In The Autumn)/ Inst."
1369   The Harmonics "Let Me Go/ People Get Ready"
1369   The Harmonics "Let Me Go/ Missing You"

Dynamite   Canton   
GM-1001   Tiny "Thank You For The Sunshine/ Ooh Baby Baby"
8X560   Tiny "Make My Body Hot/ Inst."   1988
9X380   Magic Revue "The Party's Not Over/ Inst."   1989

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